Study Abroad Leadership Committee (S.A.L.C.)

Mission Statement: to provide a student-oriented study abroad community that informs, inspires, and encourages others who are interested or involved in studying abroad.

Organize and Plan Events

  • Study Abroad Dorm Programs
  • Peer Mentor Outings
  • Photo Contests
  • Market and Promote Events

Maximize Your Experience

  • Learn valuable tips on how to communicate the benefits of your S.A. experience to friends, family, potential employers, and on a resume.

Create New Friendships

  • Relive your S.A. experience with alumni who "get it"...AND won't get tired of hearing your study abroad stories!

Build Your Resume

  • Serving as a member of the S.A.L.C. looks great on a resume, as it demonstrates: Leadership, team work, creativity, organizational skills, and more!
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