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Taken from the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan 2009-2010

Scholastic Emergency Services: Global Emergency Medical Assistance

If you are a domestic student and are covered by this insurance plan, you are eligible for Scholastic Emergency Services (SES) when 100 miles or more away from your campus address and 100 miles or more away from your permanent home address or while participating in a Study Abroad program. SES includes Emergency Medical Evacuation and Return of Mortal Remains. The Emergency Medical Evacuation services are not meant to be used in lieu of or replace local emergency services such as an ambulance requested through emergency 911 telephone assistance. All SES services must be arranged and provided by SES.

Key Services include

- Medical Consultation, Evaluation and Referrals
- Foreign Hospital Admission Guarantee
- Emergency Medical Evacuation
- Critical Care Monitoring
- Medically Supervised Repariation
- Prescription Assistance
- Transportation to Join Patient
- Care for Minor Children Left Unattended Due to a Medical Incident
- Return of Mortal Remains
- Emergency Counseling Services
- Lost Luggage or Document Assistance
- Interpreter and Legal Referrals

Please lot into your online account at for additional information on SES Global Emergency Assistance Services, including service descriptions and program exclusions and limitations.

To access services please call:
(877) 488-9833 Toll-free when within the United States
(609) 452-8570 Collect outside the United States

Services are also accessible via e-mail at

When calling the SES Operations Center, please be prepared to provide:

1. Caller’s name, telephone and (if possible) fax number, and relationship to the patient
2. Patient’s name, age, sex, and Reference Number
3. Description of the patient’s condition
4. Name, location, and telephone number of hospital, if applicable
5. Name and telephone number of the attending physician
6. Information of where the physician can be immediately reached

SES is not travel or medical insurance but a service provider for emergency medical assistance services. All medical costs should be submitted to your health plan and are subject to the policy limits of your health coverage. All assistance services must be arranged and provided by SES. Claims for reimursement for services not provided by SES will not be accepted. Please refer to your SES Program Guide at for additional information, including limitations and exclusions pertaining to the SES program.

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