Summer @ CLU

Make the best use of your summer.

With just a few hours a week you can get ahead academically and still have plenty of time for summer fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Cal Lutheran's summer school?

Summer @ Cal Lutheran is open to any current or incoming Cal Lutheran students, visiting students, and non-degree seeking students.

Do I need to take summer school?

Summer school is not a requirement; however it may be useful to ensure graduation within four years. Core curriculum classes have been added to the summer session.

How many classes can I take over the summer?

Students can take 16 credits during the summer. In most cases, this would be two classes per session.

Can I live on campus?

Housing will be available for current or incoming Cal Lutheran students.

If I live on campus, will there be meals available?

YES! The cafeteria and the Centrum Café will be open and meal plans can be purchased.

Will there be any activities during the summer?

YES! There are many fun activities being planned.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Email us at

Are there Graduate or ADEP classes offered during the summer?

Classes at the graduate level are offered during the summer. For more information, please visit the Graduate Admission website or visit the ADEP website.

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