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We'll talk, pray, worship and serve together. We are a place that welcomes everyone in the CLU community no matter your belief or non-belief. There are many ways for you to connect to the spiritual life at CLU — worship, discussions, Bible Study, retreats, service, worship team, and much more. Join an existing activity
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Campus Ministry: ELCA Malaria Campaign

In 2002 the United Nations created 8 goals would like the world to achieve by 2015. The ECLA joins in this global mission to help the UN end Malaria in Africa. Nine out of every ten deaths associated with Malaria takes place in the continent of Africa. We in the United States are unfamiliar with Malaria because we have eradicated the disease.

How do we end Malaria? It is simple actually. You know those screens over our windows and doors? That uncomplicated national effort was how the United States ended this dreadful disease.

The ELCA has set a goal of raising $15 million by 2015. It costs roughly $10 to purchase a net to save someone's life. That is over 150 million nets. The ELCA has partnered up with our sister African churches in Liberia, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Angola, and Mozambique to help raise awareness and end this disease.

In the summer of 2012, Campus Ministry received a grant to help the ELCA fundraise to reach their goal. CLU has promised to raise $15,000 by the summer of 2014. As of November 19, 2013, CLU has raised $12,338, which puts us in the top 3 college campuses in the ELCA. But we are not done yet! With your support, we can reach our goal of eradicating Malaria!

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