The Chapel Sabbath Hour

The Office of Campus Ministry engages people of faith and those in search of faith to wrestle with the issues of justice in our time, to connect faith with the ethics by which they live, and to integrate the life of the faith with the life of the mind. The programs of this office are centered in spiritual meaning for all members of this university's community.

Sabbath Hour

As a church related institution, we are committed to providing a rigorous learning environment of the whole mind, soul, body, and spirit. We do this, in part, by devoting the time period from 11:15-12:15 am each Thursday morning to a time of reflection and rest. This is a time when no meetings, classes, or labs are scheduled.

University Chapel

You are invited to gather in Samuelson Chapel for University Chapel on Thursdays at 11:25 am each week that the campus is open. University Chapel is a time of inspiration for the heart and spirit, a quiet harbor in a busy week, and a place to worship God. All are welcome!

Hike to the Cross

Meet at 11:15 Thursday mornings at the back gate of the Facilities building to hike to the cross on the hill. All are welcome to join in this prayer and praise circle.

Information: John Urango, CLU Facilities Operations, 432-1989

Many Paths

There are many ways to honor this time of pause and rest. We offer this list of suggestions in the hopes that this gift of an hour of structured or unstructured rejuvenation from the University may enrich and sustain you for the work that is yours.

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