Campus Ministry


All are welcome here!

Discovering the presence of God in your life is an important part of your identity at CLU. Campus Ministry offers opportunities to help you nurture that identity and calling. You will be invited and welcomed into a worshipping community as one way to explore the God Story within you.

We acknowledge the presence of a living God.
We believe in the life-giving action of Jesus Christ.         
We understand the power of the Holy Spirit calling us into lives of committed service.

The whole of scripture is a catalogue of God calling all of god’s creation into purposeful and meaningful work. From the earliest text written from torah, the whole of the Old Testament into and through the New Testament, it is God who calls forth good gifts for the support of all things living.

Called by God, we are called, asked invited, encourage, and even summoned to use our gifts and talents in service to one another. God has chosen us for a purpose “on purpose. God has a design in mind and that design includes serving the needs of other “for purpose”.

Upcoming Events

Common Ground
Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014   9:11pm

Join us at Common Ground for a relaxed worship and communion.

Interfaith Study of the Psalms
Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014   10:00am

Join us for an ongoing dialogue and study of the Psalms.

University Chapel
Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014   11:25am

Come to University Chapel and hear Jessica Nipp give a meaningful message.

World Malaria Day
Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014   6:00pm

Join in the fight against malaria, by purchasing a t-shirt and/or meal from Downtown Dogs and MOE Egg Rolls while enjoying musical performances from the CLU community!

Sunday Night Worship
Sunday, Apr. 27, 2014   6:00pm

Join us Sunday Nights for a worship service and sermon in Samuelson Chapel lead by our very own students.

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