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Council Members


  • Jennifer Shipley, '14
    Lord of Life President

    I am a senior majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. I love to travel (I studied abroad in Ireland!), wakeboard in the summer, play sports, and hang out with friends :)

    Jennifer Shipley

  • Anna Berg, '17
    Lord of Life Treasurer

    I'm a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major with a Minor in Spanish. I love stargazing, long walks on the beach, writing, traveling, doodling, singing, watching the sun rise and set, hiking, going to coffee shops, playing the ukulele, and baking. I lived in Dublin, Ireland for my last 2 years of High School.

    Anna Berg

  • Tori Dahl, '14
    Lord of Life Secretary

    I am a senior double majoring in Biology and English with a concentration in Writing. My other home is Minnesota. I enjoy reading, writing, and making music (particularly singing), and being active. I am a thrower on CLU's track team. 

    Tori Dahl

  • Eric Renn, '14
    Lord of Life Marketing Coordinator

    I am a senior, Multimedia major, and Oregon native. My hobbies include drawing, bowling, and reading.

    Eric Renn


  • Ashlee Bowen, '16
    I'm Ashlee Bowen, and I love Jesus :) I'm a Liberal Studies Major and also want to work in youth ministries! My passions are mascotting, playing softball, arts and crafts, school spirit, and Jesus songs and activities! "Hyper awake, hyper asleep, hyper....always hyper!"

    Ashlee Bowen

  • Ryder Christ, '16
    I am a sophomore, Communications major with an emphasis in TV Production. I love music, movies, and dancing! I love CLU and excited to be on Lord of Life Council!!

    Ryder Christ

  • Alex Egertson, '17
    I am a Religion and Film Production major. I've lived in the woods since I was ten but I was not raised by wolves. I enjoy a good game, a good film and my good friends.

    Alex Egertson

  • Amanda Hancer, '17
    I am a freshman. I love swimming, music, being outside, and spending time with friends and family.

    Amanda Hancer
  • Malina Keaton, '14
    Searching for purpose
    Theology and youth min
    Council still gots me

    Malina Keaton

  • Allison Norton, '17
    I am a Freshman majoring in Liberal Studies with a minor in Theater Arts. I love acting, watching TV and movies, and spending time with my family and friends. <3

    Allison Norton

  • Bekah Peterson, '14
    I'm a senior double majoring in Math and Art. Born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. I love dancing barefoot in the rain, riding my bike, and laughing at silly jokes.

    Bekah Peterson

  • Eric Reinhardt, '16
    I'm a sophomore majoring in Exercise Science. I love hiking, swimming, and watching movies!

    Eric Reinhardt

  • Marissa Runge, '16
    I'm a Liberal Studies major with a concentration in Music and a minor in Math. I love to hike, run, and just be outside in general.

    Marissa Runge
  • Kari Slattum, '14 
    I am a junior, Liberal Studies major.  People say I'm just a lonely cat lady, but there is so much more. I am a revolutionary, a scholar, I am .... a council member.


  • Alli Westerhoff, '14
    I'm Alli, and I like Switchfoot. I like other music too, but mostly Switchfoot.

    Alli Westerhoff
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