Upward Bound

Application Process

Application deadline for this year's Upward Bound recruitment is Friday February 22, 2013

       Screening Questionnaire(SQ) due December 14, 2012

                            (Contact Liaison Counselors or download from website)


     Applications will be mailed out to eligible students who completed PSQ the week of January 7, 2013




     Deadline: Friday, Feb 24th- Final Deadline for COMPLETED Applications

       (This includes the application, a copy of your parent's most recent 1040 tax return, a copy

             of high school transcript, personal statement, and letter of recommendation)



                             Student Interviews at High Schools  

                                                   March 18th-29th, 2013


                             Student Notification of Admittance/Denial    

                                                    April 23rd - 27th, 2013


Upward Bound Student Pre-Screening Questionnaire

  1. Download and print the Pre- Screening Questionnaire.Screening Questionnaire                                                                      

    Complete Pre- Screening Questionnaire and mail to address below:     
    Upward Bound Program

           California Lutheran University

           Upward Bound Program

           60 West Olsen Rd. #3625

           Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

     3. Contact the Upward Bound office to confirm that we have received your completed Pre-Screening Questionnaire and if you have any questions at (805) 493-3351

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