Resources for Veterans

The Veterans Resources Office takes a community approach to assisting veterans and their families through the transition from servicemember to student to finding the right career. While these agencies and organizations are not affiliated with Cal Lutheran they all have proven useful in the transition to civilian life. If you are familiar with an origination that other veteran and dependent students may benefit from please contact the Veteran Coordinator to have them added to this page.

Local Information

Ventura County Service Office

Gold Coast Veterans Foundation

Simi Valley VFW Museum, Click here

Counseling Referals

Cal Lutheran students can contact the Student Counseling Services by clicking here

The Community Counseling Services of California Lutheran University has a threefold mission: to provide high quality, affordable therapy to members of our community, to provide excellent training opportunities for our Master and Doctoral level students, and to be an active center of research within our field.

The Soilders Project - Free Confidential Therapy for Post 9/11 Veterans and Their Loved Ones
Serving all Branches of the Military Regardless of Discharge Status since 2004


Ventura County Veterans Court is seeking mentors to particpate. Click here for more info.

Veteran Study, see if you qualify here.


August 11, Military Veterans Expo, Click here!

Career Opportunities

Cal Lutheran students are encouraged to sign up for CLU Postings. This is where you can find the most opportunities custom tailored to your career interests. The opportunities listed below are veteran career fairs and opportunities specifically looking for qualified veterans.


Coming soon!




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