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Jenny Andrews


I need a moment of silence
I need a moment of peace
I need a moment of silence
To just say my piece

They said it cuz of race
That they did us so wrong
So in the name of love
I wanna write this song

Versus 1

Can we all say a prayer
For the victims of Ka-trina
I almost cried
The first time I had seen her

It was devastating
My heart dropped in
When I seen the conditions
That my people were in

Some stuck in houses
Water over cars
Whatever happened to the brothers?
Locked behind the bar

You know, the government
Didn't let them free
Have they ever let a brother
Just walk for free?

They stick us in the Superdome
I bet they like yea... we gon'
Let that bacterial kill em

But, we gotta surprise for y'all
We gonna be alive tomorrah
So take that gov-ern-ment
Cuz all my black people are heaven sent.


Versus 2

First it was anthrax
And terrorist attacks
Then 9/11
God is you watchin' all this from heaven?

Cuz if ya is
I got a couple of things to say
So I get on my knees
Bow my head and pray

Heavenly father, please
Forgive us for our sins
I pray for the White house
And the crisis we're in

I pray for the victim
Of all the hurricanes
Stop the drama, stop the pain
and please stop da rain

I pray for the soldiers
That died in Iraq
And the ones that left
God, Please send them back


It all in the news, and all in the me-dia
They trying to justify the way they're treatin' us

But let's turn the tables and see what's fair
If the kids on the t.v had gold and blond hair

You couldn't tell me the respond would have been the same
Cuz even Martha Stewart would felt they're pain

So I gotta sit here and discus the iss-ue
Cuz I'm not the same color as Charmin Tissue


A Worthless Pleasure

Tip toeing down steps and climbing into cold sheets
Only to feel you inside of me, creating enough heat to make them warm again
Inhales and exhales of balmy breath as ecstasy
Take us to the depths of the sea where Atlantis must be hidden
Playing mistress, & eventually smitten
It wasn't supposed to end like this
From the initial kiss
We agreed to just have relations without the ship
Damn, how did I slip?
As you arch my back and grab my hips
I'm thinking damn, how did it slip?
We immediately flip knowing that the rubber has to be inside of me
& I view you on the side of me
Noticing the drips from the substance that can silently, fertilize
Fuck, why didn't we realize
That your manhood needed a bigger size
& the constant friction of our thighs has become the thing we now despise
Trying to disguise the panic in your mind
I quickly jump up to rinse out my insides
After discovering the surprise in your eyes
Shit, we sit, only to think of the moaning that may cause me nine months of my life.
And 18 years of yours,
We become officially stuck on stupid
Looking foolish as you say "Baby, I can't do this"
Face begins to glisten as tears moisten my cheeks
Turning to you to speak, "You act like I wanted this Bullshit on me"
We begin to freak as our afore silence is filled with screams
Neither one of us dreamed that such a thing could occur
Weeks later my emotions stir as I enter the hos-pi-tal
The feel of the cold steal, reminds me of the time we would steal,
In between the sheets that brought me here
Paralyzed by fear the Doctors enters...
Knees shake, heart beats, He speaks
"Ma'am, you are not pregnant"
Pressure release, Sorrow decrease, a smile peaks
At the man whose still standing face-to-face with me
"However, we tested your blood and you're positive for HIV"

- Chaz Hodges

I Smile at my Friends

I smile cuz I'm a happy kid,
I smile because I'm free.
I smile at the wonderful things
That people often tell me.

I smile because there isn't a worry in the world
That could bring my spirits down.
I'm always finding some new ways
To stop a person's frown.

The satisfaction of making you smile
Bring happiness to me.
And at the end of a long hard day
A new friendship is key.

Friendships bring enjoyment,
In everything you do.
So if you ever need a friend
I'll be the best I can be to you.

I smile cuz I'm a happy kid,
I smile because I'm free.
I smile at the thought of a new friend
That I am bound to meet.

- Jordan Barta

Silent Crime

A smile, a nod, a light in my eye
Yet you walk by
Without a recognition that I exist
With you in my midst
And I hurt.

Is it you or is it me?
Where does the problem reside?
Because I know deep inside
That we could be and should be
Civil if not true friends

And yet that possibility is stripped
From the realm of the possible
Because you won't commit,
Nor even admit
That I and you exist
With even a hint of a smile, a nod, a light in your eye

This is a silent crime.

- Dr. Juanita Hall

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