Intimate Partner Violence

Initially funded from a grant from Verizon Foundation, the California Lutheran University IPV Intervention Program provides mental health services for survivors of intimate partner violence. Graduate students receive expert training in the assessment of interpersonal violence and specialized training in evidence-based psychodynamic approaches for the treatment of IPV.


PSYC-783 Intimate Partner Violence: Advanced Research, Theory and Technique (3 credits)

This course will examine the history of intimate partner violence from multiple perspectives including psychological and psychosocial understandings. Current research will be presented and multiple theoretical frameworks will be explored. In addition, the course will review current approaches to treating clients who have been exposed to intimate partner violence including evidenced based practices. Cultural understandings and influences will also be studied.

PSYC 784 Intimate Partner Violence: Advanced Clinical Applications (3 credits)

This course will provide an in-depth examination, analysis and evaluation of current practices utilized in working with clients who have been exposed to intimate partner violence. Students will examine research, view video of therapy sessions and present their own work with clients.