Benefits of Housing

Suites and Apartments

All graduate and adult students at Cal Lutheran enjoy furnished apartment-style suites, which include a kitchen, bathroom, common area, and several one or two person bedrooms — students will be assigned a single bedroom of their own, or share in the case of a married couple or domestic partnership.

Students may prepare their own food in their suite kitchen (grocery stores are a short walk away) or partake of dining opportunities in the nearby Dining Commons, Centrum, or Kiosk Cafe. This arrangement affords adult students the independence they expect, while still promoting interaction with other scholars in an intimate community of colleagues.


Each hall is wired for highspeed connection to the Cal Lutheran web portal, and our entire campus is wireless. Cable TV is free (with 80 to 100 channels) and available in each room. Each residence also has free local telephone service. Meanwhile, it isn't just the inside of the halls that welcomes students.

Close to all student residences are patios, a swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, and hiking trails that crisscross Cal Lutheran's 225 acres of open space, creek, and parklands.


For some older students, the idea of living in a residence hall might evoke fear of losing one's independence. Likewise, for married students, many of whom are recently married, there may be concern about a lack of privacy.

The reality is that at Cal Lutheran, these students soon discover that the residences have been designed to provide a living environment that fits their lifestyles, with an eye towards maximizing both independence and privacy.

College Life "Light"

One additional benefit of living on campus is the social stimulation that living in a community of several thousand other students affords. On-campus movies, bands playing at the Need, clubs and activity groups (like the AVenture Club for example, with its many hikes and outdoor activities) — these things and the whole student lifestyle they represent are readily accessible when living on campus.

At Cal Lutheran, graduate students have the opportunity to participate in campus activities to whatever degree suits them and their studies.