Diana Hernandez

Admission Counselor
(805) 493-3143

Diana Hernandez

Ojai, CA

Alma Mater
California Lutheran University

Undergraduate Major
Psychology with an emphasis in Family and Child Development

What do you love about Cal Lutheran?
The thing I love the most about Cal Lutheran is how much professors and staff care about our students. There is always someone there to listen and help our students through whatever the situation is.

Why do you enjoy working at Cal Lutheran?
I love working at Cal Lutheran because I want to help students find the opportunities that await for them with us. As a proud alumni, I love to share my experience with others and get them to fall in love with this amazing place I call home.

What is your favorite place on campus?
The cross

What advice would you give to an incoming student?
Something I would want to tell every incoming students is to not count any institution out. Take a campus tour of many campuses (large, small, private, public, etc.) and visualize yourself at each school. What will come from those experiences may surprise you.

What is your best college memory?
I have a lot of favorite memories! One of my favorite would be my commencement ceremony. Being the first in my family to graduate from college, I loved being able to see their faces filled with pride as I danced back to my seat. Another reason it a favorite memory of mine is because I sat with a friend who I met the first day of college in our English course. It was great to be able to close a chapter of our lives together.

I love to play tennis, read, but mostly spend time with my friends and family doing making memories.

Favorite Food
If dessert counts, dessert. If not, my family's home cooked meals.

Favorite Movie
A good thriller followed by a Disney movie.

What other projects are you involved in in the Office (i.e. Pres Host, Transfers, InCLUsive, ASD, etc.)
Spanish Language Visits, InCLUsive Overnight Program, CLU 101 Counselor Fly-In Program