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Photo of Shelden Agbayani
Shelden Agbayani

 Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3140

Photo of Nazareth Bautista
Nazareth Bautista

 PASOS Transfer Outreach Coordinator
 (805) 493-3701

Photo of Julie Darcey
Julie Darcey

 Assistant Director of Undergrad Admission - Systems and Operations
 (805) 493 - 3967

Photo of Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis

 Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3885

Photo of Adriana Dominguez
Adriana Dominguez

 International Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3128

Photo of Michael Elgarico
Michael Elgarico

 Dean of Undergraduate Admission
 (805) 493-3135

Photo of Aly Hernandez
Aly Hernandez

 Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3141

Photo of Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez

 Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3143

Photo of Joselyne Hurtado
Joselyne Hurtado

 Campus Experience Coordinator
 (805) 493-3514

Photo of Destiny Lewis
Destiny Lewis

 Transfer Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3983

Photo of Karen Papazyan
Karen Papazyan

 Admission Counselor - Transfer Admission
 (805) 493-3221

Photo of David Rowe
David Rowe

 Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission - Transfer
 (805) 493-3126

Photo of Dane Rowley
Dane Rowley

 Director of International Admission
 (805) 493-3601

Photo of Felecia Russell
Felecia Russell

 Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Photo of Amanda Souza
Amanda Souza

 Admission Counselor
 (805) 493-3041

Photo of Wes Sullivan
Wes Sullivan

 Director of Undergraduate Admission
 (805) 493-3968

Photo of Amanda Wallin
Amanda Wallin

 Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of Athletic Recruitment
 (805) 493-3024

Photo of Matt Ward
Matt Ward

 Vice President for Enrollment Management
 (805) 493-3135

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