How to Register for Courses

  1. Log in to MyCLU and select WebAdvisor from the tabs on the left.
  2. Choose "Students"  >  "Register for Sections"  >  "Search and register for sections".
  3. From the Term dropdown, select the appropriate Semester or Term.

    Step 1
  4. From the Academic Level dropdown, choose your academic level. Then click the Submit button.

    Step 2
  5. Check the boxes for your desired course selections.

    Step 3
  6. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

    Step 4
  7. From the “Action for ALL Pref. Sections” dropdown, choose "RG Register". Then click Submit.

    Step 5
  8. The Registration Results screen provides a summary of the courses you just registered for. (It also shows a summary of registered courses for future terms.)
  9. A confirmation will be sent to your Cal Lutheran email account.