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Revisiting & Revising Your Bylaws

Revisiting & Revising Your Bylaws

Nonprofit bylaws are not only legally required under the California Nonprofit Law but also essential to obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status. Aside from the legal and tax requirements, bylaws serve as an important roadmap to guide board operations. However, just mention the need to revisit or revise this important document, and many on the board and staff will shudder! Join us for this engaging discussion with Roy Schneider, Esq., who will address bylaw basics, required provisions, and then explore suggested revisions that can streamline your governance practices.

Topics will include:

  •     Common things you’ll see in a set of bylaws
  •     What is required by California law?
  •     What should (and shouldn’t) be in the bylaws
  •     The difference between bylaws and policies
  •     How to revise, amend and/or restate your organization’s bylaws, whether you are a membership or non-membership organization

Attendees are encouraged to bring a copy of their current bylaws and submit confidential questions for Roy to address during the workshop session.

Staff & faculty can attend for free, please contact Leanne Blackwell at to register.


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