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Senior Art Exhibit: Passionate Perspectives (Virtual)

Senior Art Exhibit: Passionate Perspectives (Virtual)

Passionate Perspectives is a collection of artwork from the Art Department’s senior class. This virtual exhibit explores each artist’s passion for environmental, political, cultural, or emotional subject matter. They all contribute a unique perspective through the lens of their own life experiences and views of current issues of the contemporary world through traditional and digital media. Artists include Karlie Anderson, Kori Hess, Bailey Huerta, Dani Iribe, Sebastian Montoya, Thor Nualsumlee, Kaylee Reel, Mona Saii, Natalie Tseng, and Jessi van der Laan.

Anderson is a representational oil painter from San Jose whose confrontational compositions explore injustices. Kori Hess is a representational painter from El Segundo who enchants, mystifies and incites emotion. Huerta of Fillmore depicts her love for her family and hometown in digital and traditional paintings. Iribe is a figure painter from Camarillo who displays cultural concerns through traditional lowbrow painting and satirical imagery. Montoya Vega, a Peruvian artist who lives in Winnetka, makes art in tribute to his culture.

Nualsumlee, a printmaker from Moorpark, brings levity to representations of animals. Reel is a Ventura artist who specializes in watercolor painting. Originally from Moorpark, Saii portrays the richness of human experience through visual storytelling and fantastical imagery. Tseng, who grew up in Santa Clarita, paints to reveal the positivity of life within the darkness of our world. van der Laan, from London, Ontario, Canada, finds emotional outlets in painting and printmaking.

The virtual exhibit with guided tour is available here.

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