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Healing through the Arts

Free Community Workshop

Healing through the Arts

CLU Community Counseling Services, through a generous grant from the Red Cross, will be providing a community healing workshop at Art Trek from 6 to 8 p.m.

This workshop is meant to provide healing opportunities for wildfire-impacted community members and their families through the expressive arts, a well-supported method of addressing and exploring difficult and intense experiences. There will be opportunities for art-making and dialogue, providing attendees of all ages and backgrounds with a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings, as well as receive meaningful validation and supportive feedback from each other and the facilitators.

During this workshop, individuals, partners, caregivers and children will have the opportunity to engage in group healing through process artwork. There will be four stations: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media and Group Artwork. Following the art-making, participants will engage in a group discussion about the experience of connecting art to their wildfire story and their ongoing journey of healing.


Sponsored By
CLU Community Counseling Services (through a grant from the Red Cross)


Adam Neal
805-493-3055 ext. 1038