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Mysteries of the Sistine Chapel: The Hidden Messages of Michelangelo with Christine Maasdam

Fifty and Better Lecture Series

How does an artist accept a reluctant assignment to complete a massive art project while maintaining his sense of artistic and personal integrity? If you are Michelangelo, raised in the House of the Medici and tutored by the leading intellects, you weave your understanding and knowledge of world philosophy, Humanism, Neoplatonism and Kabbalah into the process of producing the art itself. Michelangelo layered his dissatisfaction with the extravagances and personal gains of the papacy into "secret" hidden messages blended deep into the completed work of art, leaving a legacy that is truly unequaled. Please join us in this exploration of the artistic messages and meanings that Michelangelo strategically placed throughout the Sistine Chapel well over 500 years ago.

Christine Maasdam holds a master's degree in humanities and a bachelor's degree in cultural geography. Her art studies include The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, The Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center in D.C. and post graduate studies in antiquities trafficking and art crime at the University of Glasgow. She is a graduate of the Art Crime Investigation Seminar led by Robert Wittman, founder of the FBI's National Art Crime Team. She is a member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection and holds a certificate from Trident Manor on Protection of Cultural Venues. Maasdam received Sotheby’s certification on Determining Value: An Appraiser’s Perspective. She has spent over a decade as a LACMA docent and is an active volunteer at the City of David archaeological dig in Israel.

The Fifty and Better program was designed to offer university-level courses (no tests, no homework) taught by experts in the field, and to host social engagement activities for individuals age 50 and older. When COVID-19 erupted and the first-ever offering of in-person courses had to be postponed indefinitely, we responded by moving the courses to a virtual environment using Zoom.

Cost for the two-hour lecture is $8. Registration is required by 3 p.m. March 10.


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