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Carl Dobsky: Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life

Carl Dobsky: Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life

Carl Dobsky’s oil paintings of the savage arena of crude and cruel human behavior are coming to the Kwan Fong Gallery in November. Dobsky is a legendary figure in the representational art scene, held in awe by his peers who view him as a visionary virtuoso and technical master of pencil and paint, whose capable hands equal the skill of the old masters. His vivid and violent canvases are compositions of bourgeois men and women caught in consumerist dramas of degradation, in episodes snatched from life in the contemporary society of the spectacle. They loot wantonly, fight for food, go all-out aggro over avocados, and shriek over shopping. They snort careless lines of coke while a wildfire conflagration burns behind them and shoot selfies against the amber glow. They gibber over the flood.

COVID-19 attendance information: This exhibit is open by appointment only. Please contact gallery@callutheran.edu or 805-493-3697 to schedule a viewing. All guests must wear masks indoors and must fill out a Daily Health Check Form before entering campus. For more information, visit CalLutheran.edu/visitors.

Image: Carl Dobsky, "Taken By Storm," Oil on Linen, 72" x 96", courtesy of the artist.

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