Projects & Progress

Campus climate

Ensuring that the environment on and off campus is safe, welcoming, and inclusive.

In Progress
Project Name Description
Anti-Bias Policy and Community Standard

A standard of accountability that defines behavior that is inconsistent with the institutional commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. There will be a Community Standard for the university community, Bias Incident Procedures for students, and an Anti-Bias policy for employees. The Bias Incident Procedures for students and the Anti-Bias policy for employees will use the same definitions for bias incidents, implicit bias, explicit bias, hate crime and protected status.

  • Who's Responsible? Student Conduct, Human Resources
  • Last Update: 7/22/2020
Bias Incident Reporting System & Response Team

A system of reporting incidents of behavior which are inconsistent with the Community Standard and Anti-Bias Policy and a team to investigate and apply consequences or sanctions.

  • Who's responsible? Bias Incident Reporting System Team
  • Last Update: 7/22/2020
Racial Climate Initiatve & Work with Dr. Shaun Harper

A year-long engagement with Dr. Shaun Harper, executive director of the University of Southern California’s Race and Equity Center to help the University develop and advance a serious, multidimensional racial equity agenda, as well as amplify and extend the important racial equity work that Cal Lutheran faculty and staff colleagues are doing. 

  • Who's responsible? Cabinet
  • Last Update: 7/22/2020

Black Student Recruitment & Retention Team

A team of specifically address ways to better support our Black student population.

  • Who's responsible? Enrollment Management & Marketing
  • Launch Date: February 18, 2020

Rise to Win Engagement with Athletics

Cal Lutheran student-athletes and athletics staff will work directly with Rise to Win, a national nonprofit organization that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations.

  • Who's responsible? Athletics
  • Launch Date: February 19, 2020


Building timely, open, and direct communication between administration, students, faculty and staff about anti-racism work and issues.

In Progress
Project Name Description
EDI Accountability Website

Interactive website communicating progress on equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Who's Responsible? Cabinet, University Marketing
  • Last Update: 8/28/2020


Curriculum, classroom experience, and learning

Revisiting curriculum and ensuring that our faculty are educated and talking about race.

In Progress
Project Name Description
Curriculum Assessment

An assessment of our undergraduate requirement for Global Perspectives and U.S. Diversity, as well as a review of how we achieve our institutional learning outcome of Cross-Cultural Competency across the entire curriculum. To begin the work better shaping the curriculum to address issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Who's Responsible? Academic Affairs
  • Last Update: 7/22/2020

CIRCLE Collaborative

Faculty learning communities, in partnership with Moorpark College, participating in professional development workshops on creating culturally responsive teaching. Funded through a Title V HSI grant.

  • Who's Responsible? Project CHESS
  • Launch Date: May 27, 2020

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Prioritization of resources

Allocating funds to programs that create a more equitable campus, provide support to students of color, and prioritize our mission of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In Progress
Project Name Description
Holiday Schedule

A review of the campus holiday schedule to find ways to honor the diverse cultural and religious traditions of our community.

  • Who's Responsible? Human Resources, Mission & Identity
  • Last Update: 8/28/2020

Black Students & Families Session for NSO

Adding a session to New Student Orientation for Black students. Families are welcome to attend.
  • Who's responsible? Student Affairs
  • Launch Date: August 24, 2020

Funding for BSU's Black Professionalism Series

Cal Lutheran is providing resources for the Black Professionalism Series, hosted by the Black Student Union (BSU), which will further the program's ability to strengthen the network of Black students, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • Who's responsible? Cabinet
  • Launch Date: Fall 2020

Community Scholars for Black Lives

A scholarship initiative memorializing the numerous Black lives lost to the use of deadly force by police and racially motivated acts of violence, oftentimes with no criminal consequences. It will support up to two Cal Lutheran students engaged in work that embodies progress toward a just society where African Americans do not bear the brunt of racist structures and systems. Black community leaders from Ventura County serve as partners who help select and mentor the students to receive the award.

  • Who's Responsible? Advancement, Office of Financial Aid
  • Launch Date: July 27, 2020

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The Alexander Twilight Legacy of Black Excellence

A dedicated space for Black students in the Student Union that is intended to be a safe and supportive place that fosters student development, inclusive programming and a sense of community and belonging. It is named for the first African American to earn a bachelor's degree from an American University or college.

  • Who's Responsible? Student Affairs
  • Launch Date: July 22, 2020

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Additional Funding for Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion

Increased funding ($25,000) in recognition and support of the Center's work cultivating and maintaining an inclusive campus community while supporting students from all backgrounds as they learn about identities beyond their own. These funds may contribute to adding new spaces, increased programming such as celebrations, educational workshops, peer education initiatives and additional funding opportunities for student culture and justice organizations.

  • Who's Responsible? Cabinet
  • Launch Date: July 22, 2020

Black Graduation Celebration

Graduates and supporters can choose to attend this event honoring the achievements of black graduating students in addition to the general Commencement ceremonies where degrees will continue to be conferred.

  • Who's responsible? Black Employees Association
  • Launch Date: May 15, 2020

Student Inclusion & Equity Fund

Cal Lutheran's Student Inclusion and Equity Fund supports student-led initiatives designed to bring positive awareness to underrepresented student populations at Cal Lutheran. The fund gives a panel of student leaders, representing the interests of the Black Student Union, Sister Circle, Latinx Students, and LGBTQ students the ability to support current needs and the freedom to pursue opportunities as they arise. The awarding of funds are based on an application process and vote.

  • Who's responsible? Advancement
  • Launch Date: May 6, 2020

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