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Campus climate

Ensuring that the environment on and off campus is safe, welcoming, and inclusive.

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Chief Diversity Officer

The university has created a new vice-presidential leadership position for a chief diversity officer. The inaugural incumbent will hold the title of VP of Talent, Culture, and Diversity, serving as a member of the cabinet and a direct report directly to the university president. This VP will be empowered to work with constituents across all levels of the university to foster a healthy campus climate, and supervise a newly-configured division that will include Human Resources, Mission and Identity, and HSI Initiatives. An inclusive search advisory committee, including faculty, staff, and student representation has been formed; committee members have begun to meet and have weighed in on the position description (PD). The vacancy announcement and PD will be posted in early April with the goal of identifying a top candidate to assume the post by Fall 2021.

  • Who's responsible? Cabinet
  • Last Update: 02/25/2021
Bias Incident Reporting System & Response Team

A system of reporting incidents of behavior which are inconsistent with the Community Standard and Anti-Bias Policy and a team to investigate and apply consequences or sanctions.

  • Who's responsible? Bias Incident Reporting System Team
  • Last Update: 7/22/2020


Building timely, open, and direct communication between administration, students, faculty and staff about anti-racism work and issues.

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Curriculum, classroom experience, and learning

Revisiting curriculum and ensuring that our faculty are educated and talking about race.

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Director of Faculty Development and Excellence

Working with Dr. Taiwo Ande, Associate Provost for Educational Effectiveness, the successful candidate will lead faculty programs associated with New Faculty Orientation and best practices related to pedagogical strategies in experiential education, digital learning, and inclusive excellence. As part of this work, they will be responsible for envisioning, co-creating with colleagues, and delivering programs that focus on learning, research, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The goal is to have the new Director in place by Fall 2021.

  • Who’s Responsible? Academic Affairs
  • Last Update: 02/25/2021
Curriculum Assessment

An assessment of our undergraduate requirement for Global Perspectives and U.S. Diversity, as well as a review of how we achieve our institutional learning outcome of Cross-Cultural Competency across the entire curriculum. To begin the work better shaping the curriculum to address issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Who's Responsible? Academic Affairs
  • Last Update: 7/22/2020

Prioritization of resources

Allocating funds to programs that create a more equitable campus, provide support to students of color, and prioritize our mission of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In Progress
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