Memories That Aren’t Ours: Experimental Films from Atlanta

Common Ground Series

Memories That Aren’t Ours: Experimental Films from Atlanta

NOTE: We recommend watching the panelists’ short films prior to the lecture (though it won’t be necessary to enjoy the conversation).

  • Zameh Omonuwa's "Hood." (4:55 minutes) Film contains violence and language, may not be suitable for all audiences.
  • and Yusef Ferguson's "Rebellion in the Valley" (5:44 minutes) 

Atlanta-based filmmakers Zameh Omonuwa and Yusef Ferguson will discuss their films exhibited in the "Common Ground: Artists Reimagining Community" exhibit. Omonuwa describes her film, "Hood.," as “an experimental work that follows a white teen and a Black teen as they transfer consciousness by putting on an enchanted hood, and dives into the Black teen’s trauma, fears, hope and wonder.” Ferguson’s film Rebellion in the Valley interweaves his grandfather’s stories about the Black L.A. art and film scenes in the 1970s with his intention of honoring filmmakers from this period, beginning with the 1965 Watts Riot.

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Image: Zameh Omonuwa

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