Dr. Myisha Cherry: Racialized Forgiveness

Harold Stoner Clark 2021 Lecture

Dr. Myisha Cherry: Racialized Forgiveness

Dr. Myisha Cherry describes herself as a philosopher striving to provide value and provoke thought. She’s primarily interested in the role of emotions and attitudes in public life. In her talk, Dr. Cherry will introduce a concept that she refers to as ‘racialized forgiveness.’ She will argue that the practice of this type of forgiveness is morally objectionable because of its psychological origins, moral failures, and negative effects. She’ll then claim we need to practice forgiveness differently.

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No charge to attend
Open to the Cal Lutheran and local communities

Dr. Cherry is an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. Her research interest lies at the intersection of moral psychology and social and political philosophy. Cherry is also the host of the UnMute Podcast, a podcast where she interviews philosophers about the social and political issues of our day.

The Harold Stoner Clark Lecture Series, endowed by the late Mr. Clark and sponsored by the Department of Philosophy, was established in 1985.


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