How Discomfort Drives You Forward

Entrepreneur Speaker Series

How Discomfort Drives You Forward

We are excited to present Haley Pavone, the founder and chief executive officer of Pashion Footwear, who created the world’s first fully convertible high heels and an accompanying brand that strives to empower women, one step at a time.

Join in to learn:

  • How she turned a personal pain into a genuine product and business
  • How to create an “impossible” product and develop the corresponding supply chain
  • The ups and downs of disrupting a highly competitive, male-dominated space that has historically seen no disruption
  • How to build a successful business while a full-time college student
  • How to find the right first customer when creating an entirely new category
  • The vision that created an entirely new function, category, culture and lifestyle around women’s footwear
  • The realities of entrepreneurship: smashing the “highlight reel” mentality with a dose of realness and resilience

We hope you will join the community and engage in the discussion.

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