Setting Expectations, Accountability & Learning: SEAL the Deal With Your Teams

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Cal Lutheran - Oxnard Center
2201 Outlet Center Dr.

Individual Members: $45
Organizational Members: No Additional Cost
Non-Members: $55


About this event

What happens when a member of the team doesn’t seem to understand or deliver what you expect from them? How do you feel when it’s time to write and deliver a performance evaluation?  How do you feel when it’s time for your own performance evaluation?

Many feel that the whole process of evaluation seems too long and too far removed from the daily performance that is needed for an organization to soar and prosper.

There are ways to better communicate expectations no matter what evaluation tool or supervision structure you have. We will practice learning and dialogue techniques to achieve a greater sense of confidence and understanding.

With permission from your organization, participants are welcome to bring sample job descriptions and blank performance evaluation templates to use as examples during the session.


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Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans has been leading teams in nonprofit and local government organizations for over two decades.  Leading with an approach that incorporates the principles of learning, dialogue and clear expectations, Rebecca brings a down to earth and candid approach to   setting expectations and goals.


Rebecca holds a master’s degree In humanistic psychology with a person centered approach from the University of West Georgia and completed a post graduate series in Organizational Leadership from California Lutheran University. She is also trained in the Technology of Participation by the Institute for Cultural Affairs and Dialogue Education by Global  Learning Partners.