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The Cal Lutheran Experience

Art major photo of student or faculty

There’s nothing better than seeing a student who’s never made a drawing ‘get it’ and recognize that they’re a creative person inside. So often our creativity has been suppressed in our youth — brining it out can be life-transforming.

Michael Pearce
Associate Professor
Political Science
Political Science major photo of student or faculty

I’ve always been drawn to community engagement, empowerment and service, so I study political science because it has fundamental roots in community development. Cal Lutheran’s program takes students into the field and also makes studying abroad very doable.

Alexis Rizo '21
Spanish major photo of student or faculty

The “El Eco” class piqued my interest because it develops Spanish writing and speaking skills in a creative way. The most rewarding outcome of this class has been gaining confidence in my speaking skills. In class, we are always encouraged to speak whether or not it is perfect content or grammar-wise. This environment has helped me with speaking more because it forces me to stop over-analyzing what I am saying. I want to work in the education field, so being able to communicate in Spanish is extremely beneficial.

Hannah Sanders '23