Jose Marichal, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

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Phone: (805) 493-3328


  • Making Diversity Work

  • Living in Multicultural America

  • Diversity and Transformation

Dr. Marichal is a professor of political science at California Lutheran University. He specializes in studying the role that social media plays in restructuring political behavior and institutions.  In 2012, he published Facebook Democracy (Routledge Press) which looks at the role that the popular social network played on the formation of political identity across different countries.  He also does work on the role of diversity and multiculturalism in civic life.  In his most recent work, he has looked at the role of diversity as a "civic argument" in the United States (published in 2015 in the journal Democratic Theory) and a study of how Latina State Legislators use Twitter to communicate with constituents (included in an edited volume entitled Latinas in State Legislatures).  Currently, he is working on a number of projects related to social media and democratic engagement.