Edlyn Pena, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

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Email: epena@callutheran.edu
Phone: 805-493-3021


  • Spectrum of Opportunity: Supporting College Students with Autism

  • Alternative Communication Access & Choice for Students with Autism

  • Presuming Competence for Inclusion and Communication

Dr. Edlyn Peña is an Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies in Higher Education Leadership at Cal Lutheran. She is an award-winning researcher who studies social justice issues for students with disabilities, particularly autism, in the preschool through higher education pipeline. As the Director of the Autism and Communication Center and member of the federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, Dr. Peña is best known for her service to the autism community at the state and national level.  Dr. Peña teaches a number of research methods and content courses in the area of higher education.  She also chairs dissertations for Doctor of Education students.  

Please visit www.edlynpena.com for more information. Visit www.callutheran.edu/autism for more information about Autism and Communication Center events.