Personnel Search

Name Title Department Contact Office
DesLauriers, Ashley Coordinator of Transition and Retention Student Life (805) 493-3067 Student Union 6300
Faucher, Jaime Associate Director of Student Life Student Life (805) 493-3871 Student Union 6300
Gonzales, Jonathan Senior Coordinator of Multicultural Programs Student Life (805) 493-3489 Student Union 6400
Gonzales, Nicole Assistant Director of Student Life Student Life (805) 493-3483 Student Union 6300
Hines, Lauren NODA Intern Student Life Student Union
Kolter, Ryan Coordinator of Recreational Sports and Wellness Student Life (805) 493-3570 Student Union 6300
Layne, Andrea Director of Student Life Student Life (805) 493-3304 Student Union 6100
Liberti, Madeline Coordinator for Community Service Student Life (805) 493-3680 Student Union 6300
Mandell, Kelsey NODA Intern Student Life
Ortiz, Isabelle Coordnator for Cultural Engagement & Inclusion Student Life (805) 493-3218 Student Union 6300
Teter, Cambria Coordinator for Student Involvement Student Life (805) 493-3950 Student Union 6300