An appreciation for diversity.

We value the dignity of all individuals and the perspectives they bring from personal histories, group identities, and cultural experiences. We strive to include multiple perspectives in our academic and communal life.

These perspectives come from — but are not limited to — ability, ethnicity, gender, language, nationality, political view, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, spirituality, and talent.

We advocate for equity in our policies, practices, and programs. Diversity is essential to academic rigor, decision-making, social enrichment, and spiritual growth and these differences and multiple perspectives are key to the fulfillment of our mission to "educate leaders for a global society."

The Diversity Plan for California Lutheran University follows a Continuous Improvement Model utilizing Key Indicatorsof our progress.  Each year, programs, events, professional development offerings, campus mini-grants for faculty and the campus, and assessments are tailored  towards improving the components that drive our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity as seen on the Diversity Wheel.

Support Statement on becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution

In 2016 Cal Lutheran earned the designation of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). HSIs are defined as institutions where total Hispanic enrollment is at least 25%.  After several years of sustained investment in recruitment and retention of Latinx* students, Cal Lutheran joins over 400 other institutions nationwide in providing greater educational opportunities for the largest racial/ethnic minority group in California (38%) and the nation (17%).

Latinx students have historically faced – and still face – significant barriers to higher education, highlighting an opportunity to enhance our efforts to both make Cal Lutheran accessible to students in our larger community, and to provide the educational support needed for students to succeed and graduate.  Our HSI status makes us eligible for federal funding to develop new educational resources and programs to elevate the capacity of faculty and staff to better serve our Latinx students.  One unique aspect of attaining HSI-specific resources is that all of our students will benefit from the enhanced, federally funded, resources.  Additionally, the campus community’s commitment to increasing its efforts in recruiting and retaining Latinx faculty, staff and administrators at all ranks, will further enrich our campus learning experiences by the inclusion of increasingly diverse perspectives and experiences. 

At Cal Lutheran, in the state of California, and across the nation, our collective future prosperity is linked to unlocking the human potential of every student.  We are proud of the work done thus far to make a Cal Lutheran education possible for even more students, and look to the future with excitement as a newly designated HSI.

*Latinx- gender inclusive alternative to Latina/o