Religious and Cultural Observances

Our students, faculty and staff come from multi-faceted gender, cultural, ethnic, philosophical and religious identities that make this a pluralistic community of learning. We have an ongoing opportunity to enter into the cultural and religious realm of our neighbors and friends learning from them about their deeply held values and practices.

We acknowledge that our campus culture must be more inclusive and equitable in order to enhance education for all students. For Cal Lutheran, this means a commitment to diversity of race, class, culture, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, politics, and physical or mental abilities.We commit ourselves to continue evolving into a more inclusive campus. This goal builds on the ELCA statement on “A Declaration of Our Inter-Religious Commitment.” Click here to view the statement.

We are reminded of the importance of our awareness and respect of the traditions and celebrations that our colleagues, students, friends, and neighbors may choose to honor throughout the year.

Please find a list of several, but not all, dates of observances which may be celebrated by members of the Cal Lutheran community during the 2021-2022 academic year by following the provided link.