Recent Awards and Recognition in the Graduate School of Education

Dr. Melissa Spence

Dr. Melissa Spence was awarded a grant from the Department of Education announced by Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-Westlake Village), to fund the Project for Advancement of Gifted and Exceptional Students (PAGES) with an anticipated total of more than $625,000.

“This grant will enable us to study how to identify giftedness in marginalized student populations such as African-Americans, English learners and students with autism spectrum disorder and to develop better ways to serve them,” said project director Mel Spence, an assistant professor in Cal Lutheran’s Graduate School of Education who spent 10 years working as a special education teacher for students with autism. “We need to do a better job of meeting the needs of these underserved students so they can thrive and go on to college and graduate.”


In addition, Dr. Spence won the Division on Autism & Developmental Disabiliites’ (DADD) 2018 Tom E.C. Smith Early Career Award. DADD is a divison of the council for Exceptional Children (CEC). This national award is given to someone who they believe has reached the highest standard of research in intellectual disability, autism and/or developmental disabilities early in their career.

Congratulations to Dr. Maureen Reilly Lorimer who was awarded the Ventura County Arts Council (VCAC) 2017 Arts Stars Award for Arts Educator. This award is provided to persons or organizations that have made outstanding contributions and whose accomplishments have significantly benefited the arts community. In particular, the arts educator is the individual, organization, or school that has best demonstrated leadership in bringing arts education into the classroom.


Additional Recent Awards and Recognition in the Graduate School of Education include: 


Cal Lutheran Service Award – 10 Years

Maura Martindale


Cal Lutheran Service Award – 15 Years

Michael McCambridge


Achievement of Tenure

Beth Brennan


Achievement of Tenure and Advanced to Associate Professor

Diane Rodriguez-Kiino


The American College Personnel Association (ACPA) – College Student Educators International Annuit Coeptis Award

Emerging Professional Harry Canon Outstanding Professional Award

Association-Wide Coalition Advocate Award

Daniel Tillipaugh


Center4SpecialNeeds Spotlight Award

Edlyn Peña

2017 Faculty Recognition Awards

Dr. Maureen Reilly Lorimer – Service (presented by Dr. Michael McCambridge)

Dr. Dan Tillapaugh – Teaching (presented by Dr. Edlyn Peña)

Dr. Tymika Wesley – Scholarship (presented by Dr. Dan Tillapaugh)

Dr. Michael McCambridge – Cal Lutheran Outstanding Advisor Award

Angela Rowley – Cal Lutheran Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member