CIS Network Supports 3,500 future teachers, and it's growing!

Over the past two years, Deans for Impact has supported one of the largest ever cross-institutional improvement efforts in educator preparation: the Common Indicators System (CIS) Network, a national effort to gather evidence of teacher-candidate knowledge and skill using common measures.

In August 2018, and for the first time, leaders from a dozen educator-preparation programs came together for the inaugural “Inquiry Institute” to explore data on 3,500 aspiring teachers, and to use this information to develop action plans for their programs. “The transparent sharing of similar experiences and challenges is especially powerful,” one participant said afterward. Another described the CIS Network as being unique in fostering “the spirit of collaboration among all the participants” and “the ability to make assessment and program improvement sustainable.”

And now six new institutions, including Cal Lutheran’s Graduate School of Education with Mike Hillis as a member dean, will be joining the CIS Network for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The CIS Network is proof that diverse educator-preparation programs can come together to learn, inquire, and improve in pursuit of a shared goal: to ensure all children have access to great teachers. Learn more here.