Adrian  Tylim

Adrian Tylim, M.S.

Adjunct Faculty Member

Office Hours: available upon request


M.S. Enegy Systems Engineering, University of Arizona

B.S. Applied Physics, California State University, Northridge


Corporate Sustainability and Renewable Energy Technologies. Extensive hands-on experience in global project and business development as related to a diversity of renewable energy and sustainability related technologies.


Piloting Sustainability, Environmental Leader

China’s Ban on Trash Equals a US Opportunity, Environmental Leader

If we want to combat climate change, we must re-engineer our landfills, Waste Dive

A Different Way to Look at Waste: Creating a Source for Renewable Products, Renewable Energy World

The Status of Large-Scale Renewable Fuel Production from Waste, Renewable Energy World

The Importance of a PV System Washing Program, Renewable Energy World

The Hydrogen Economy: Turning Potential into Energy, Power Engineering International

Space Station Solar Dynamic Module Modeling and Simulation, ASME International Solar Energy Conference

Structural Configuration Option for the International Space Station Freedom Solar Dynamic Radiator, IAF International Conference on Space Power

Flywheel Energy Storage Systems: Is it a viable option for WECS, yet? 1987 American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference