Daniel  Restuccio

Daniel Restuccio, B.F.A.

Instructor in Multimedia

(805) 493-3459

Daniel Restuccio is a multimedia instructor at California Lutheran University and Moorpark College. He is West Coast Editor of Post Magazine, a trade publication that covers production and post-production in the film and television industry. He is owner and Chief Creative Officer of Realwork Entertainment. Currently Realwork is in production on digital feature project, and completing post production on three documentaries: Scooby Doo: Animation and Visual Effects, Hart's War: Invisible Visual Effects, and TEAM: Teacher Education at Moorpark College. He is a former Producer at Walt Disney Interactive and Walt Disney Imagineering. He was responsible for developing new theme and show concepts for DisneyWorld's EPCOT Center. He was also producer for The Disney Channel TV Tryouts, a showcase attraction at Disney/MGM Studios and created the concept for Honey I Shrunk the Audience, the new 3-D movie attraction at DisneyWorld. Prior to his work at Disney, he was Senior Producer/Director and Asst. Vice President at the Citicorp Television Center in Manhattan. He supervised the production of The Citicorp Quarterly Report, a CNN-style news magazine. He produced and designed the interactive exhibit Hominid Hunters for the Hall of Human Biology and Evolution at the American Museum of Natural History. He is a writer and concept consultant for Disney Educational Productions' DiscoverQuest series. For his  multimedia work for the AT&T InfoQuest Center he has received a CINE Gold Eagle Award, an ITVA Silver Award, and a Bronze Award from the Houston and New York International Film Festivals. Dan received his BFA from Syracuse University's School of Visual and Performing Arts with an interdisciplinary degree in photography, design, and theatre. He has also studied at London Polytechnic Institute and the New School for Social Research Acting workshop with Lee Strasberg.

B.F.A., Syracuse University Advanced study at London Polytechnic Institute and the New School for Social Research Acting workshop with Lee Strasberg