Graduate Student Challenge

Be a part of the tradition of giving back.

Help ensure that all graduate students will have the same high-quality academic experience as you.

When you give to the CLU Annual Fund, you are making a difference for both current and future students by supporting leading research, faculty development, and challenging new programs.

No matter the amount, your gift will have an impact because a higher percentage of student participation helps secure grants from foundations and corporations.

Plus, if this is your graduating year and you give $25 or more, you will receive a special purple and gold tassel to wear for commencement.


Alternately, you can bring your gift directly to the CLU Annual Fund office, located in the Pederson Administration Building in Suite 101.

2018-2019 Donor Honor Roll

  • Grant Bagne
  • Angina Aslanian
  • Stephen Barker
  • Jennifer Barnard
  • Anna Berg
  • Shubhra Bhardwaj
  • Christine Cano
  • Loredana Carson
  • Andrew Castro
  • Teresa Ceja
  • Suraj Chenguang
  • Edgar Cruz Miranda
  • Marifi Cuaton
  • Walter Cueva
  • Lorelle Dawes
  • Crystal Delatorre
  • Jennifer Diaz
  • Amy Differ
  • Inna Dobrokhot
  • Erin Ebersole
  • Michelle Eifert
  • Nathan Fall
  • Tamara Fox
  • Cris Goldman
  • Brianna Gomez
  • Jessie Green
  • Natalie Halvorson
  • Lora Harney
  • Shawn Jackson
  • Mario Jones
  • Daniell Koepke
  • Lusine Koshkaryan
  • Tracie Lamagna
  • Colleen Lurie
  • Stephanie Manzanares
  • Courtney Martin
  • Jennyfer Martinez
  • Maedi Mauricio
  • Caitlyn McKee
  • Rosa Medrano
  • Brian Melanephy
  • Leah Oliver
  • Genessis Palacios
  • Gabriela Pantoja
  • Karine Papazyan
  • Gabriel Adrian Pina
  • Julieta Rodriguez-Martinez
  • Yesenia Ruvalcaba
  • Daniela Sandelin
  • Samantha Schindler
  • Jessica Schoew
  • Tumini Sekibo
  • Kari Slattum
  • Madison Thompson
  • Katie White
  • Kathryn White
  • Theresa Wight
  • Lindsey Wolf
  • Qiu Xiong