ALLIES in STEM Endowment

California Lutheran University has been awarded a $4.6 million HSI STEM grant to provide academic support to our underrepresented students, as well as improve services for all students.

This grant has allowed us to create the Access, Learning & Leadership Initiatives to Elevate Students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (ALLIES in STEM) program.

Allies in Stem

ALLIES in STEM envisions an increase in retention and graduation rates of Hispanic and low-income first-year and transfer students in STEM fields by creating programming backed by evidence-based practices including:

  • Early intervention
  • Student-centered support systems
  • High impact co-curricular practices
  • Faculty and staff development
  • Articulation partnerships with local two-year colleges
  • Constant evaluation and refinement of intervention activities

The Opportunity

Allies in StemA portion of the HSI STEM grant provides a matching grant opportunity of $300,000 from the U.S. Department of Education to establish the ALLIES in STEM Endowment for faculty-mentored summer research fellowships.

In order to receive this matching grant, Cal Lutheran must raise $300,000 during a period of four years.

You have an opportunity to create a legacy and establish a student research fellowship that will help us raise those funds.

The minimum gift amount to name and endow an ALLIES in STEM research fellowship is $25,000 and will be matched 1:1 by the U.S. Department of Education.


The Impact

Allies in StemYour support will provide underrepresented students with hands-on research experiences that prepare them to advance their education and translate into success in their field.

  • By meeting this $300,000 challenge grant, Cal Lutheran can provide paid, faculty-mentored undergraduate student research fellowships.
  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students will participate in our STEM Academy. These STEM scholars will attend a three-week residential summer program on campus. During subsequent summers, they will participate in paid research fellowships, internships and professional development activities.
  • Our goal is to improve retention rates for the increasing numbers of Hispanic and low-income students. Hispanic students represent 28% of Cal Lutheran’s STEM students, but 60% of those who start out in STEM majors do not graduate in the major they initially declared.
  • Faculty mentors will meet regularly with students to advise them on completing their degrees, building their resumes, and planning their career paths. Studies show that faculty mentors are particularly important in retaining underrepresented students.

Support the Sciences at Cal Lutheran

You can play an important role in helping us meet this transformative $300,000 challenge grant to establish a permanent endowment for student research fellowships in the STEM fields.

Please email or call (805) 493-3160 for more information.