Projects & Developments


The Cal Lutheran Strategic Planning Implementation Team was launched in 2018 and its goals were established.

The Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion was established on campus to provide a space for students to engage, organize, socialize, and inquire about social justice issues and learn about identities beyond their own.

In 2018, Cal Lutheran was awarded two U.S. Department of Education Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions program grants:

  • Project CHESS is a partnership with Moorpark College to increase transfer student success at both institutions.
  • EDU|CAL activities are geared towards increasing the number of successful Latina/o pre-credential students at Cal Lutheran and K-12 educators in our community.


In 2017 Inclusion became a major component of Cal Lutheran’s Strategic Goals and the HSI Strategic Planning Committee was launched.


ALLIES in STEM programs with dedicated staff to support programs funded through a five-year U.S. Department of Education Title V grant awarded in 2016.

  • STEM Academy to provide free, residential summer program for incoming freshmen and transfer students to
  • PASOS Transfer Outreach coordinator to help STEM students at Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) schools transition to Cal Lutheran.
  • Paid positions for students to become peer mentors (Peer Academic Leaders, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, Tutors)
  • ALLIES in STEM Center is a dedicated space to centralize staff, tutoring, supplemental instruction, workshops, and provide a community space for STEM students.

In 2016, Cal Lutheran partnered with USC Rossier Center for Urban Education (CUE) to reform our faculty  hiring processes to be more equity-minded. Positive results were quickly achieved; during 2016-2017, two-thirds of the new hires were people of color. Learn more about “What an aggressive approach to equitable faculty hiring looks like.”

Also in 2016, Cal Lutheran and Oxnard College were awarded a five-year Title III grant by the US Department of Education to fund Project Acabado. The project enables Cal Lutheran to engage in activities focused on improving student success outcomes and better preparing Oxnard College students to make the transition to a four-year institution for their bachelor’s degree in STEM. It also includes hands-on workshops for faculty hosted by the Center for Active Learning to promote the spread of active, collaborative, and transformative teaching and learning in STEM classrooms.