October 19-21, 2018

Open Classes

Visit our open classes during Homecoming Weekend - you can choose the arts, science, or even a foreign language! No registration is necessary, but please plan to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the class out of respect for our professors and students. Consult the campus map to find your way and, if you'd like to learn about your instructor beforehand, visit the faculty directory. See you in class!

Faculty Course Title Room Time
L. Olson ENGL-110-06 Critical Reading & Writing I HUM 107 08:00A 08:50A
T. Peterson EXSC-301-01 Biomechanics GSFC 254 08:00A 09:05A
P. Raffy ACTV-127-01 Ballet GSFC 209 09:15A 10:05A
K. Hoffmann Anderson CHEM-305-01 Quantitative Analysis NY 6 09:15A 10:05A
T. Rogers BIOL-361-01 Microbiology NY 4 09:15A 10:05A
C. Barber BIOL-122-01 Intro to Metabolism Gene & Dev LIB 138 09:15A 10:05A
L. Olson ENGL-110-07 Critical Reading & Writing I TRIN 318 09:15A 10:05A
H. Hoang POLS-200-01 Global Studies SWEN 104 09:15A 10:20A
K. Butcher CHEM-151-02 General Chemistry ASCI 100 09:15A 10:20A
P. Carlson RLTH-100-03 Religion, Identity & Vocation HUM 108 09:15A 10:20A
S. Claussen HIST-101-02 World Civilization to 1500 NY 2 09:15A 10:20A
K. Lesh ECON-406-01 Intermediate Macro-Economics PTRS 105 09:15A 10:20A
L. Higgins ART-160-01 Drawing WRAC 207 09:15A 10:45A
W. Bilodeau, B. Swig BIOL-118-01 The Oceans ASCI 100 10:30A 11:20A
W. Bilodeau, B. Swig GEOL-118-01 The Oceans ASCI 100 10:30A 11:20A
T. Rogers BIOL-361-02 Microbiology NY 4 10:30A 11:20A
C. Barber BIOL-122-02 Intro to Metabolism Gene & Dev LIB 138 10:30A 11:20A
M. Gerson PSYC-222-01 Abnormal Psychology HUM 124 10:30A 11:35A
P. Carlson RLTH-100-04 Religion, Identity & Vocation HUM 108 10:30A 11:35A
R. Lu-Andrews BUS-391-01 Prin of Finance HUM 114 10:30A 11:35A
S. Claussen HIST-101-03 World Civilization to 1500 NY 5 10:30A 11:35A
M. Arndt TA-342-01 History of Theat & Drama I TA 125 10:30A 11:35A
D. Grannis COMM-309-01 Advanced Cinema Production SBET 138 11:45A 12:50P
J. Deisz PHYS-440-01 Mathematical Meth. of Physics HUM 108 11:45A 12:50P
R. Lu-Andrews BUS-391-03 Prin of Finance HUM 114 11:45A 12:50P
K. Lesh ECON-450-01 Econometrics SWEN 111 11:45A 12:50P
K. Butcher CHEM-405-01 Physical Chemistry NY 5 01:00P 01:50P
C. Barber BIOL-375-01 Cell Biology ASCI 105 01:00P 01:50P
D. Martinez MATH-231-02 Statistics for the Sciences HUM 106 01:00P 02:05P
K. Hoffmann Anderson CHEM-151-04 General Chemistry ASCI 100 01:00P 02:05P
M. Gerson PSYC-222-02 Abnormal Psychology HUM 124 01:00P 02:05P
A. Tufenkjian FREN-102-01 Elementary French SWEN 118 01:00P 02:05P
M. Arndt TA-331-01 Advanced Scene Study TA 123 01:00P 02:05P
M. Gerson PSYC-222-03 Abnormal Psychology HUM 124 02:15P 03:20P
A. Tufenkjian FREN-301-T1 French Conversation & Composit SWEN 102 02:15P 03:20P