What is an Electronic Discussion Group?

Electronic Discussion Groups (or E-lists) are a powerful mailing list agent that keeps track of any number of people who are subscribed to any number of mailing lists. Users may subscribe and unsubscribe to lists, post messages, review members of lists, review the configuration set up of lists, etc.

Why should I use CLU-DATATEL?

CLU-Datatel is a mechanism for announcements about system issues, reporting problems, asking questions, and sharing ideas. Users are automatically subscribed when their Datatel account is created.

How can I subscribe?

In order to be able to receive and send messages using CLU-Datatel, you must be subscribed to that list.

  • First, load your E-mail program and select New message.
  • Type majordomo on the To: line.
  • Leave the subject line blank.
  • Type subscribe and your first and last name. For example, if your name is Joan S. Doe and you wish to subscribe to
  • Join this list by sending e-mail to with the following command placed in the body of the message. For example: subscribe CLU-DATATEL Joan S. Doe.

You do not have to include your e-mail address, you only need to type your full name. This is because ListProc reads the return address on your message and uses that as your subscription address. This means that you cannot subscribe to a list by sending a subscribe command from your friend's e-mail account.

 Note: User names may not contain the following characters: ` " <> [] {} | $ ~ ? ! \

 If you do not want to continue being part of CLU-Datatel, you may unsubscribe very easily.  Follow the above directions but replace the word subscribe with the word unsubscribe.

You can can also contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.