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Cleaning & Disinfecting

Facilities staff will clean and maintain areas according to guidelines set forth by counties, the state of California and the CDC in order to provide a safe environment. EPA-approved disinfectants will be used. The following is an overview of cleaning measures. 

  • Housekeeping staff use the disinfectant Waxie 730 (EPA registration No. 45745-11-14994), which the EPA has approved for disinfection of human coronavirus. Staff will follow dwell-time instructions for the product to ensure disinfection.
  • Housekeeping staff focus on cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, equipment, tools, handrails, handles, controls, phones, headsets, bathroom surfaces and steering wheels. 
  • Housekeeping staff clean restrooms at least once per workday.
  • Housekeeping staff clean break rooms and common areas at least once per workday.
  • Housekeeping staff clean classrooms at least once per workday.
  • Housekeeping staff occasionally vacuum private offices. Office occupants are expected to clean their own work surfaces. Send an email to workorder@CalLutheran.edu to request cleaning supplies.
  • Housekeeping staff will check the hand sanitation stations located in the lobbies and main entries of each building daily and resupply as needed.