We move forward, together.

Campus Modifications

  • Drinking fountains - All drinking fountains on campus have been disconnected (bottle-fill stations remain active.)
  • Hand dryers - All hand dryers in restrooms have been disconnected and paper towels are now supplied in all restrooms.
  • Clear plastic window protection – “Sneeze” protection plastic barriers will be installed at high-traffic, close-proximity locations such as customer greeting stations, multiple occupancy tables (study tables, breakroom tables, conference tables) and instructor stations in smaller classrooms where proper distancing is difficult.
  • Sanitation stations – Hand-sanitation stations will be placed in the lobby or main entry of each building. Stations will be checked daily by the housekeeping staff and re-supplied as needed.
  • Individual work stations – These areas will be cleaned and sanitized by the occupant/user of the space. If it is a shared space, the responsibility of cleaning should fall upon the current user of the space, prior to use.  Occupants are responsible for disposing of their trash and recyclables in the common area containers.
  • Study tables – Study tables will be situated to allow for physical distancing. Housekeeping will clean and sanitize one time per day. Sanitizer spray bottles will be stationed in close and suitable locations for use.
  • Seating arrangements – In all locations, seating will be reduced to make allowances for physical distancing
  • Breakrooms/conference rooms – Seating will be reduced to allow for correct occupancy based on current distancing guidelines. Plastic partitions will be utilized if a six-foot separation cannot be accommodated. Housekeeping will sanitize once per day.
  • Waiting areas – Furniture in greeting and waiting areas will be configured to accommodate physical distancing rules. Housekeeping staff will clean daily.
  • Open landscape and exterior spaces – Patios and other outdoor gathering locations will have furniture distributed and configured in such a way as to accommodate distancing. Grounds staff will clean and sanitize tables and chairs one time per day.
  • Classes in event spaces - We will move classes into larger event spaces to allow enough room for physical distancing if necessary.
  • Outdoor classrooms - Some classes may be able to meet outdoors. Tents can provide shade, and spaces such as the CLU Garden have Wi-Fi.