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Travel Policy

The California Lutheran University Travel Policy addresses U.S. domestic and international travel parameters for faculty, staff, and students as pertaining to university-related matters. Travel is defined as any activity requiring a person’s physical movement beyond the immediate respective California Lutheran University campus/location-based site beyond a 200-mile radius. While personal travel is independent of the travel policy, Cal Lutheran expects all university constituents engaged in travel to adhere to the university’s re-entry protocol for returning to campus.

All faculty and staff traveling beyond 200 miles of their home campus with students or traveling internationally on a university-sponsored trip should register their trip through the Travel Registry System. Students should register their trip any time they travel 200 miles or beyond their home campus. For more information about the travel registry, please visit our Travel Registry Page.

At any point, the university is in one of three travel status categories: Moratorium, Essential, or Traditional. Cal Lutheran is currently in Essential status. The campus community will be updated with any change in category via the present website and the Cal Lutheran KNOW Policies website.

Essential Travel is permitted when travel is required to prevent harm to the operations of the university or to promote the academic and professional advancement of faculty, staff and students. Essential Travel should occur only when something cannot be accomplished virtually. Guidelines for student, staff, and faculty essential travel are provided in the Travel Policy

In the event that travel is approved by the head of a unit/division/department, the traveler must submit an official travel petition, regardless of the distance. Areas that require frequent travel may request an overarching policy with their unit VP (ex. Athletics, Study Abroad, etc.). 

For travel within 200 miles, it is the responsibility of the each unit/division/department to monitor the travel.
A high-risk waiver should be signed & filed for all travelers during moratorium and essential status.
Additionally, a domestic waiver should be signed and filed for all students.  

During essential status,  all trips  beyond 200 miles should be registered in the Travel Registry system. Trips within the 200 mile radius that meet the below criteria must also register in the system:
(1) out of state
(2) by boat or air
(3) overnight accommodation

Travel Policy Infographic


Please review the full Travel Policy for California Lutheran University. Questions can be addressed to travelreview@callutheran.edu 



Student travel within the 200-mile radius

While it is not required to report student travel within the 200-mile radius, institutional guidance is to use a liability form if the travel is for a university activity. Please see your department head for department-specific requirements.

A general liability form reviewed by legal counsel may be referenced here.