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Travel Policy

Travel Advisory from the California Department of Public Health

Updated: January 6, 2021

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The California Lutheran University Travel Policy addresses U.S. domestic and international travel parameters for faculty, staff, and students as pertaining to university-related matters. Travel is defined as any activity requiring a person’s physical movement beyond the immediate respective California Lutheran University campus/location-based site beyond a 25-mile radius. While personal travel is independent of the travel policy, Cal Lutheran expects all university constituents engaged in travel to adhere to the university’s re-entry protocol for returning to campus.

At any point, the university is in one of three travel status categories: Moratorium, Essential, or Traditional. Since March 2020, Cal Lutheran has been in Travel Moratorium. The campus community will be updated with any change in category. Updates will also be posted on the website.

Travel Moratorium is the most restrictive status and is reserved for extreme circumstances, such as a global pandemic, financial distress, etc. In a moratorium status, there is no travel for any reason, domestic or international, including previously approved travel.

During moratorium status the purchase of future travel is also not allowed unless a specific end-date is pre-established by the university. No institutional funds are approved for travel-related matters (e.g., flight, mileage, per diem, etc.) when in moratorium.In the event that pre-approved travel falls within an unexpected moratorium status, there may be unrecoverable expenses and/or costs associated with cancellations. When canceling arrangements, employees should attempt to request refunds, transfer tickets, or otherwise limit the financial impact to the university.

Furthermore, an attempt to mitigate contract services and/or extricate the institution from financial commitments is expected. Ultimately, the university will cover business-related costs associated with cancelled pre-approved employee travel resulting from the implementation of moratorium status.

Under exceptional circumstances, an employee can petition for special review/exemption for travel during Moratorium (e.g., externally issued grant-funded obligations, recruitment travel using ground transportation, etc.) Trips must be approved by the cabinet member overseeing the employee's division. 

Please see the attached Travel Policy for California Lutheran University. The Travel Registry platform will be available when the institution moves to Essential Travel or Traditional Travel categories. Questions can be addressed to global@callutheran.edu.