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Changes at Cal Lutheran as Counties Move to "Orange Tier"

Dear Cal Lutheran Community,

Yesterday, the County of Ventura moved to the State’s Orange Tier. Ventura’s move followed Los Angeles and Alameda Counties’ similar move over the past week. Please be aware that Ventura County is aligned with the state issued guidance in all areas. Conversely, Alameda and L.A. have more detailed instructions that are unique to their counties.

For details and sector-specific health guidance including higher education, visit covid19.ca.gov.

As was the case when Ventura County transitioned from the Purple to Red Tier, this transition relaxes some of the Covid-related guidelines for meetings, events, and building occupancies. This note details how the Orange Tier status will impact operations on the Thousand Oaks campus.  Operations at other Cal Lutheran campuses remain unchanged.

On all campuses, Cal Lutheran retains mask mandates, physical distancing, and infection control practices.

Immediate Operations:

  • Starbucks and Ullman Dining will open additional indoor dining.

Operations as of April 12, 2021

  • In terms of office staffing, we can have 50% of the staff who occupy a specific office space on site at any given time.  If, however, office inhabitants can maintain a distance of six feet from other co-workers, a higher percentage (above 50%) are permitted to work in that space.
  • Indoor lectures may be held at up to 50% room capacity or with six foot physical distancing (whichever is less).  Room capacity signs are posted on each classroom.  Windows in rooms with operable windows must be left open at all times.
  • Restrictions regarding classes taught in laboratories, art classes, and performing arts spaces remain unchanged and may be held indoors as long as all students and faculty maintain six foot physical distancing. Classes must also follow capacity guidelines that are posted on each space.  Performing arts classes on the Thousand Oaks campus must follow Los Angeles County instructions regarding instruction and performance.  Those instructions have been updated and can be found here.
  • While outdoor meetings are still the preferred mode of mask-to-mask interactions, physically-distanced indoor meetings will be multipurpose spaces and conference rooms at a slightly increased capacity of either 50% room capacity or with six foot physical distancing (whichever is less). Room capacity signs are posted on each conference room. Windows in rooms with operable windows must be left open at all times.
  • Outdoor activities may be held with up to 200 participants.
  • Depending on demand, Pearson Library study space may be adjusted to add additional seating.  Seating will be arranged to maintain six foot physical distancing.
  • The Forrest Fitness Center will open indoor fitness activities to 25% of capacity. Physical distancing and masking will be required for all individuals.

Other Campuses – No immediate changes are planned for Oxnard, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, and PLTS

Questions regarding upcoming changes can either be addressed to covidquestions@callutheran.edu or to Ryan Van Ommeren.

Operations needs regarding classroom or office needs (furniture arrangement, cleaning supplies, etc.) should be addressed to covid-operations@callutheran.edu.


Lori Varlotta

Ryan Van Ommeren
Associate VP, Operations and Planning
Director, Emergency Operations Center