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Mask and Physical Distancing Changes Effective Monday, June 21

Dear Cal Lutheran Community,
This update is to modify current Cal Lutheran mask and physical distancing requirements and is in response to ongoing State and Cal-OSHA changes regarding mask and physical distancing requirements.

After initial Cal-OSHA guidance regarding workplace restrictions was withdrawn approximately two weeks ago, new guidance was published yesterday which was immediately implemented through a State executive order.

Within the next two weeks Cal Lutheran will be redrafting a comprehensive COVID prevention plan in response to those changes and in response to some expected California Department of Public Health instructions specific to higher education. As of Monday, June 21, however, Cal Lutheran will implement the following:

  1. Requirements for vaccinated employees engaged in traditional work activities
    Vaccinated individuals engaged in work outside of actual teaching will no longer be required to wear masks indoors or outdoors or physically distance while in campus workspaces.
  2. Requirements for all individuals in classroom, lab, or other learning spaces
    All individuals (faculty and students) engaged in indoor classroom or lab activities must continue to wear masks and physically distance at least until July 6. Guidance regarding classroom requirements following July 6 is currently being drafted.
  3. Vaccination Documentation
    All employees will be required to document their vaccination status or request an exemption by July 15. Both can be done through a convenient “pop up” when staff and faculty log onto MyCLU.
  4. Requirements for unvaccinated employees
    Unvaccinated individuals will be required to wear masks while indoors (unless the space is enclosed and private), in a shared university vehicle, or outdoors when six-foot physical distancing cannot be maintained. Unvaccinated individuals may remove their masks when they are outdoors and physically distanced.
  5. Daily Health Check
    All members of the Cal Lutheran community will be required to continue to complete the Daily Health Check prior to arrival on campus. Additionally, although most administration buildings on campus will no longer require card access, employees in those buildings will need to perform the Daily Health Check to access their workspace after normal working hours, to access academic buildings, or to use “Munch Money” at university dining facilities.
  6. Individuals may elect to continue to wear masks
    Some individuals may wish to continue to wear masks for a variety of reasons, or may be uncomfortable removing their masks. The campus community is asked to respect those individual’s views to maintain our inclusive community.

Please contact covid-operations@callutheran.edu to request any changes to existing workspaces, and please contact me regarding any other questions.

Ryan Van Ommeren
AVP Operations and Planning
Director, Emergency Operations Center