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Summer Term 2022, COVID Protocol Updates

Dear Cal Lutheran Community,

The following is presented to provide information and protocol regarding on-going Cal Lutheran COVID response. Please note that the changes reflect institutional response to CDC and Cal-OSHA guidance, and reflect continued caution due to a recent surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations.

Predominate guidance shaping these changes comes from the following:

The following protocols will be in effect on May 23, 2022.        

Quarantine and Isolation
Current university protocol regarding isolation and quarantine will remain in effect. Individuals who have been notified that they have been exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID or individuals that have tested positive for COVID must continue to follow California Department of Public Health guidance. Briefly, all individuals who have tested positive for COVID must isolate in their homes (or isolation residence hall space), for 5-10 days depending on a subsequent negative test, while individuals that have been exposed to an individual who tested positive need to quarantine in the event they exhibit symptoms. Cal Lutheran requirements regarding isolation and quarantine have been posted on the KNOW site.

Indoor Masking: Classrooms, Studios, Labs, and all Indoor Learning Spaces
Cal Lutheran staff, faculty, and students who are engaged in a learning environment are required to wear well-fitted masks in dedicated indoor learning spaces (e.g., classrooms, laboratories, art studios, theater stage).

If an individual professor wants to teach in a non-masked classroom, however, they are required to conduct an anonymous classroom poll. If votes unanimously indicate that all present want to be unmasked, the professor can allow attendees to be unmasked. Professors may conduct more than one poll during each term in the event COVID conditions improve or deteriorate.

Here are step-by-step instructions on Creating an Anonymous Classroom Mask Poll in Blackboard. You can also use other polling options, if desired.

Other COVID Protocols
Please also note the following continuing Cal Lutheran COVID protocols.

  • All employees and students must continue to complete the Daily Health Check if they are present on campus, as Cal-OSHA requires all employers to monitor potential COVID exposures.
  • Access to academic buildings will no longer be dependent upon completing the Daily Health Check.
  • All individuals who have tested positive for COVID after being present on campus are required to report potential exposures on the KNOW site.
  • Booster/Vaccine policies remain in effect. Please check the KNOW site regularly for updates.
  • Covidquestions@callutheran.edu remains staffed and ready to answer ongoing questions.
  • 3-ply disposable masks are available for all members of the campus community at various mask distribution stations.
  • N-95 masks are available at Campus Safety for employees.

As referred to above, please contact covidquestions@callutheran.edu regarding any questions or comments regarding this message.

As has been the case throughout this pandemic we will monitor appropriate federal, state and county guidelines. We will make changes to this protocol if relevant guidelines suggest such changes are prudent.

Ryan Van Ommeren
Director, Emergency Operations Center
Associate VP, Operations and Planning