Building Policy

  • No tobacco products are allowed in the library. Beverages such as bottled water with a secure cap are permitted, as are small no-mess snacks. Please deposit all trash in the provided trash cans located throughout the library.
  • No cell phone usage in the library. Please turn pagers/phones off or to silent mode while in the library. When receiving a call, immediately place the call on hold and move to a designated usage area.
  • The library atriums as well as the lobby may be used for phone calls, providing they do not disturb others.
  • The Pearson Library is a private library and access is limited. Please review the Library Borrowing Policy for information on the privileges and limitations of each patron group.
  • Community Patron cards are available for purchase. Contact the circulation desk at 493-3937 for current pricing.
  • Summer Patron cards are available for purchase. Contact the circulation desk at 493-3937 for current pricing.
  • Members of the clergy and current residents of University Village can obtain a free Community Patron library membership upon proof of affiliation with a religious body or current University Village residence. Local teachers can obtain a free Local Teacher Patron library membership upon proof of current employment with a local school district. Contact the circulation desk at 493-3937 for information on accepted forms of identification.
  • While in the library, you may be asked to show proof that you are affiliated with the university by displaying your Cal Lutheran ID.
  • No children under the age of 12 are permitted in the library. Individuals between the ages of 12 and 17 must be accompanied by a Community Borrower, Local Teacher Patron, or Cal Lutheran student, staff or faculty member at all times.
  • In-house use of materials is permitted as space is available. Cal Lutheran students have priority use of carrels, tables, computers, and materials. Community members may be asked to move or leave if space is needed for current students.
  • Anyone causing disruptions will be asked to leave.

Library Computer Lab Info

  • PAC/Research area computers are for quick research and that which requires Reference assistance. Word processing, checking email, etc. are prohibited in this area.
  • Only Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni are permitted in the library computer lab area and only when doing university-related business.
  • Printing is limited to one original copy. Additional copies may be made using the photocopiers available at the front of the library. Printing of non-university related business is prohibited.
  • Only Students, Faculty, and Staff are permitted to print from library computers. Community Patrons, Alumni, and Local Teacher Patrons do not have printing privileges.
  • Do not download any software onto campus computers. All software must be approved and installed by Help Desk technicians. This includes instant messaging services. Computers are for university-related business.
  • Chats, Instant Messaging Services, etc. are not supported or allowed in the library computer labs.
  • Don’t forget to bring your flash drive with you to the library. The library does not provide flash drives. It is suggested that you email your coursework to yourself as well as save it to a flash drive as flash drives can become corrupted or otherwise damaged.
  • Community Borrowers, Summer Patrons, Alumni, and Local Teacher Patrons are limited to using the PAC/Research computers to access our library catalog. No other computer access or function is permitted.
  • Priority for computer use will be given to students working on coursework on a first come first serve basis.
  • Beverages such as bottled water with secure tops are permitted, but must be kept away from the computers.
  • Report any problems to the Information Commons, Circulation Desk, or Help Desk. 
    In addition to these rules, all users are subject to campus computer use policies.

Active Learning Classroom Info

Summer Programs and Camps on Campus

  • Students affiliated with special Cal Lutheran camps and programs on campus may use the computer labs for university and program related business.
  • All users are subject to the campus computer use policies as well as library use policies.
  • Not complying with any of these rules may result in loss of privileges.
  • The library computer lab is an open computer lab area available for walk-in use and can accommodate 22 computer users. Groups needing access to 15 or more computers should book a computer lab room through Media Services, so as not to monopolize library resources.

Theft and mutilation

Theft and mutilation of Library materials are acts contrary to and punishable by law. Any non-circulating item, or any circulating item that has not been properly checked out, will cause the exit alarm to sound and the exit gate to lock. Repeated security violations will be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the Access/Circulation Supervisor in the library at (805) 493-3250.