We serve a variety of patrons, each with different borrowing privileges.

Student Patrons

Includes alumni of the post-MBA program as well as students currently enrolled in any Cal Lutheran academic program including: continuing education programs, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, or post-graduate programs. This patron group does not include students enrolled in the ELS/Non-Student Foreign Exchange Program.

Staff Patrons

Includes employees designated as adjunct faculty, administrative staff, faculty, and staff.

Local Teacher Patrons

Includes patrons confirmed as employees of any local private or public K-12 school.

Community and Alumni Patrons

Includes Cal Lutheran alumni, designated faculty emeriti, designated donors, paid-in-full community patrons, and residents of University Village.

Temporary Patrons

Includes students currently enrolled in the ELS/Non-Student Foreign Exchange Program, members of the Kingsmen Shakespeare troupe, staff associated with the CTY John Hopkins Summer Program, seasonal hires, and staff associated with the Upward Bound Summer Program.

Summer Patrons

Includes patrons who are confirmed as students currently enrolled in a college or university other than Cal Lutheran, are 18 years or older, and have paid an annual fee at the circulation desk. Library access is limited to June 1 to August 31.