Room Reservation Policy

The Pearson Library maintains 8 rooms for study and meeting space. Most rooms contain a collaboration table, chairs, a computer, a large screen display with laptop hookups, and a dry-erase board.

The Language and Math Labs do not contain public computers or a display. Supply kits containing markers and an eraser for use on the dry-erase boards are available and may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

Other equipment, such as laptop projectors and televisions, may be requested from Media Services at (805) 493-3820 or Faculty and staff interested in using rooms for teleconferencing should consult the Circulation Desk in advance at (805) 493-3937 to confirm availability.

Rooms Available

  • Study Rooms 124, 125, 126  (for student use)
  • Conference Rooms 133, 139 (for faculty/staff use, conditional student use)
  • Computer Lab 130 (for faculty/staff use, conditional student use)
  • Math Lab (Room 127) (for faculty/staff use, conditional student use)
  • Language Lab (Room 128) (for faculty/staff use, conditional student use)

Making a reservation

General Room Reservation Policies

  • Rooms may be reserved for use only during the library’s regular hours. Please refer to current Hours of Operation for library hours and special schedules. All rooms must be vacated 15 minutes before the close of business.
  • Patrons seeking to reserve a room must be in a group of two or more, be a current Cal Lutheran student, faculty, or staff member, and possess a current Cal Lutheran ID. Parties of one are asked to make use of the carrels located throughout the library. Reservations made by patrons who are more than 15 minutes late checking in at the Circulation Desk will be automatically canceled and the room space will be made available to other patrons.
  • All rooms may be used for a period of no longer than two hours per group per day. This reservation may be split with a minimum of one hour between reservation times. Back-to-back or other same-day reservations for the same group are strictly prohibited, even when made in the name of other group members. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in suspension of library privileges.
  • All library patrons must present their current Cal Lutheran ID card upon checking in to their room reservation at the library Circulation Desk. Student patrons must leave their Cal Lutheran ID card at the Circulation Desk for the duration of the room reservation.
  • The individual patron who reserves the room and submits his/her Cal Lutheran ID card upon check-in (hereby referred to as the reservee) assumes full responsibility for the room, its contents, and the room key (if given). Any fees associated with a lost key or damage to the room will be levied against the reservee. Additionally, the reservee must be present in the room during the entire time the room is being used. If the reservee must leave the library he or she should check out of the room by visiting the Circulation Desk.
  • Groups must be ready to leave at the end of their reservation. Groups may not extend a room reservation beyond 2 hours; however, they may stay in a room until another reservation has been made. When the next group arrives to use a study room, all group members must promptly leave the room in a clean and orderly condition.

Room-Specific policies

  • Faculty and staff are asked to restrict their room reservations to the computer lab, conference rooms 133 and 139.
  • The computer lab may ONLY be reserved by faculty and staff; a faculty/staff member must be present throughout the reservation period.
  • Students have priority when booking study rooms 124, 125, and 126.
  • Students may reserve conference rooms, the Math Lab, and Language Lab on a conditional, same-day basis ONLY by making a reservation online using LibCal. These reservations will be mediated by library staff and are subject to denial. If faculty/staff or math/language programs need the space during a student reservation, student patrons will be asked to vacate the space.
  • Students may use the Computer Lab as overflow space as needed. When used as overflow space, the Computer Lab door must remain open and unlocked.
  • Regular weekly sessions may not be booked.
  • Study rooms are not to be used for class meetings.
  • Study room doors must remain unlocked during library open hours.
  • Labs and conference rooms must remain locked when not in use.

Active Learning Class Room-Specific policies

  • Reservations may ONLY be made by CLU Faculty or Staff.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in this classroom.
  • Please review the Active Learning Classroom Guidelines provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Contact the Administrative Assistant at the Registrar’s Office (805-493-3105) to reserve the Active Learning Classroom for CLU class bookings. Contact Conferences and Events (805-493-3195) for single class sessions or other CLU booking requests for this room.
  • A PC laptop cart is in the room (31 PCs); the code to unlock it will be provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning, who should contact you when you book the room. Please feel free to submit a helpdesk ticket for further technical or pedagogical training.
  • A Mac laptop cart (16 MacBooks) can be reserved ahead of time through Media Services (805-493-3820 or This will be moved into the room when requested in advance.
  • The instructor requesting use of computer carts will be responsible for handing out laptops to students, and making sure all the laptops are back in the cart and charging at the end of class.
  • Students may use their own devices in the room and connect to the monitors at each of the 6 desks with the provided VGA cables. 10 MacBook to VGA adapters are available on a first come first serve basis for checkout from the Circulation Desk for in library use only. CLU ID card is required to facilitate this loan.
  • The Active Learning Classroom will be locked when not in use; the instructor will need to check out the room key from the front desk each time they teach, and return the key back to the front desk when they are finished. A reservation is required for admittance.
  • It is the instructor’s responsibility (not the library’s) to configure the room they way they want and return it the way they found it.
  • Before the first class, make sure you reserve a time to go to the classroom and familiarize yourself with the layout and use. This can be done as part of your training by CTL.
  • A training video is available from the Media Services YouTube page and a link is located on the desktop of the Instructor’s Station in this room.
  • The Active Learning Classroom is located inside the Pearson Library and may be booked during library operating hours. Please consult the library hours webpage for the regular and special schedules. 

Additional Room Policies

  • The use of tobacco products is not permitted at any time.
  • Library policies (including those dealing with food, drink, and noise levels) apply to study/meeting rooms as well
  • Maximum room capacity is determined by fire and safety regulations and may not be exceeded at any time.
  • Groups must be prepared to vacate rooms at the time designated when the room was reserved.
  • Rooms must be left in the same clean condition in which they were found.
  • The advertising of any product, book, software, merchandise, event, or use of the meeting room for private profit is prohibited.
  • Please turn off all lights and electronics before leaving your reserved room.
  • Violating any of Pearson Library’s room reservation policies may result in suspension of library privileges.