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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PRME?

PRME, Principles for Responsible Management Education, is a United Nations-supported platform to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world. The School of Management joined PRME in 2015 and published its first SOM PRME report in 2017. Please refer to our “About PRME” page.

What are the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. SDGs are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations in 2015. Please refer to our “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” page.

How do the Sustainable Development Goals relate to business?

The UN Global Compact is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative and network that enthusiastically supports the SDGs. Please refer to the SDGs Explained to Business.


How can I choose a good topic for my project?

You may choose from the suggested list of research questions and topics, or you can develop your own topic. Refer to the following sources for new ideas and inspiration: World Business Council for Sustainable Development—SDG Business Hub, including the CEO Guide to the SDGs, Business Action, and more. UN Global CompactMaking Global Goals Local Business—A New Era for Responsible Business.

What types of projects are accepted?

All kinds of projects, individual or group, will be accepted—papers and presentations, qualitative and quantitative studies (including modeling and forecasting), business proposals and analysis of best practices, and creative and innovative ideas for new ventures and business models—there are no limits on the project formats.

How many people can be on a team?

There is no limit to how many people can be on a project team, but they must all be Cal Lutheran students. However, the team may include recent graduates as long as they were students at the time of project completion. 

Can recent alumni participate in this competition?

Yes, all students/recent alumni who were enrolled /took courses during this academic year are eligible.

Can I submit a project that is not part of the courses I take?

You may submit your project independently or in collaboration with faculty outside the coursework. It can be part of your internship, graduate assistantship or other extracurricular activities.

Do I need a faculty member to approve or sponsor my project?

No, you don’t need a faculty member to approve or sponsor your project. However, if you decide to submit the course assignment (e.g., paper, business plan, case study) as your project, you may ask your professor to mentor you. Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure your project adheres to the PRiME competition project guidelines.

Who can advise me on my project?

You may ask a faculty member to be your mentor or you can contact faculty members Valeria Makarova ( or Loredana Carson (, for advice. Put ‘PRiME Project’ in the email subject line.

Can I use a relevant project that I started before this academic year to participate in this competition?

Yes, you can build your project on the previously started (or completed) schoolwork during your studies at CalLutheran.

Can I partner with a student from other SOM program if we share same research interests?

Yes, both graduate and undergraduate students from all programs and majors in the School of Management are invited to participate in the PRiME Competition. Collaboration across SOM majors and programs is highly encouraged.

Are there any specific requirements in terms of the project volume?

There are no specific requirements. However, we would advise not to exceed 15 pages (plus attachments if needed, in the same file). The paper should be in APA format and use as many references as necessary for the project to be your own ideas and not plagiarized. You will submit your project as a PDF file.

May I use the Writing Center?

Yes, you can use the Writing Center as you would with any other papers or writing assignments for your classes.

Do I receive extra-credit for my participation in the competition?

No, the PRiME team is not authorized to provide any extra credit for participating in the competition. Assigning extra credit is solely at professors’ discretion, as your project may be part of the course assignments. Ask your professor about the extra-credit policies related your submission.


What are the benefits of participating in this competition?

Participating in this business competition will provide great opportunities for learning new skills, networking and building your professional resume. You can also win cash prizes. Grand Prize: $700, 1st Place: $500, 2nd Place: $300, People's Choice: $700.

What kind of recognition will I receive?

The winners receive a cash prize, will be featured in the next PRME report and on the School of Management PRiME webpages. The winners will be announced on the School of Management social media channels. All participants in the competition will receive a certificate of participation.

What is the timeline?

Project application must be submitted by March 1st, 2021. Competition presentation, including video and presentation files, must be submitted by April 1st, 2021. 

Do I receive a certificate for my participation in the competition?

Yes, each participant in the competition receives a certificate. The certificates will be provided electronically.

How do I apply and submit my project?

You apply on the PRiME website under the section titled, “Apply for Competition”. Refer to the checklist and make sure that you have both your project and executive summary ‘Links2-SDGs’ ready.

What is the ‘Links2-SDGs’?

Links2-SDGs is a page-long summary that explains how your project theme, scope and purpose are related to the SDGs and address global challenges. This summary will be submitted as part of the application process, included in your project paper. Writing a good summary is an important part of getting the maximum score on project relevance and being selected to compete in the competition.

May I submit more than one project?

Yes, you may submit more than one project.

How do I know if my project has been selected for competition?

You (or your team lead) should receive a confirmation and further instructions within two weeks after project submission.

How projects are judged?

There are three key elements: project, one page executive summary (Links2-SDGs), and video presentation. The projects are evaluated based on how the project theme, scope and purpose are related to SDGs and address global challenges. Hence, writing a good Links2-SDGs summary is important. Judging rubric assesses the project/paper content, concept, relevance, quality-effort, depth-breadth, professionalism. 

Who will be the judges at the competition?

The judges of the PRiME Competition will be selected from the Cal Lutheran School of Management Alumni community, Cal Lutheran community member (outside the School of Management) and an industry professional whose organization supports the SDGs.

How strictly should I follow guidelines for poster design?

The provided poster/PPT guidelines and templates are offered to help you with designing your presentation, Please make sure you include your name, project title and ‘Links2-SDGs’ statement. The rest is up to you. Unleash your creativity!

How many people have to present a group project?

Peferably all team members are represented in the video presentation, however, only one team member is required to present. Team members should determine before the presentation how the team will split the winnings, if that should happen and all team members are not present.